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Daniela Brooker

Live At Beat

This is a photo feature on Ms Brooker’s London venue album showcase performance for the release of the ‘P S’ set and this featured her lively rock-pop group and their spiky two-guitar arrangements. In good voice and looking alluring on the eve of her twentieth birthday, Daniela put her songs over well, including the catchy ‘Breathe’ single of course and keeping up the pace throughout, talking easily to the crowd between numbers.  At no point did the set drag and by the time of closer ‘Hold Me’ with its funk tempo and spirited refrain the band were sparking and the singer deep in performance mode. A great change not to have a young female chanteuse drowned in syrupy synth coatings, as Brooker’s voice has a punch that came through here and should be nurtured for the future. How often do promising pop singers get stuck on the industry’s conveyor belt of safe radio mixes and end up all sounding identical ?  Even Pink sounds neutered these days !

The challenge to Daniela is to sound herself and my advice would be to hang on this current band, they take care of business……



Chasing The Waves



Wind Me Up


Hold Me

-       All pictures by Pete Sargeant

Pete Sargeant

Other photographers are available (along with with their stuffed animals!)

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