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Axel Olsson was kind enough to supply this six-tracker, he being the bass-player (and thus the best organised haha) of the group.  The blindfolded lady in comic-book graphic style on the cover gives little away ; the band picture portrays four down-to-earth types banding together to do…what ?   onto the player and..

Opener ‘Sammy Psychosis’ presents a very pro sounding outfit with a post-punk group sound led by fluid distorted lead guitar jumping into a lively clear vocal and edgy wah guitar wallowing under the verses.  The singer manages to avoid shouting though this style almost demands that he does just that. A touch of the punky-era Chili Peppers shows through, the guitars weave in and out of each other but avoiding that pat Thin Lizzy thang  ;  straight into the conspiratorial vocal of ‘Identifyah’ at a stealthier tempo, anguished wah squeals threading the number.  How well does this lead singing go with the busy drumming style ? Works a treat.  One of my dear old buddies Dave Ruffy started The Ruts and still plays in Ruts DC pioneers of this sound , I wonder whether MoCara know about them ? Axel ?

Next up the dub soaked ‘Blue Sun, Gold Sky’ has a poetic lyric emphatically presented. Less drumming and more delay would slightly improve this, maybe that’s what they do live ? Ah, they move there later in the number ! This is a kind of love song. The lion’s share of lyrics are by rhythm guitarist Stuart Andrews. Tempo games abound, an accomplished group indeed and the lead guitar doesn’t sound as though as any one name player is idolized or copied ; ‘Obsession’ has the best vocal here, passionate but not screeched and the anger put over, clear bass notes singing through the melee  ; scratchy guitar intro’s ‘Second Coming’ as it lurches into a drum-heavy riffer, wah passages really succeed. Best cut for me the moody petrol-reeking  ‘A Good Nature To Forget’ which evokes Speed Caravan kings of fuzzy lurking electric sparsity. Yep, this one is my choice here, chaps

Strongest characteristic : a unique singer, for this strand of music. Overall, a group with intent and plenty of ideas. Bet they are good live, they deserve to appeal to more than retro herberts in the punk nostalgia ghetto, though

Pete Sargeant

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