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Julie Feeney

Dear John EP

A five-tracker from the Irish singer and songwriter, just ahead of forthcoming third album ‘Clocks’. Already an award-winner in Ireland, Feeney is also garnering North American attention..and there’s a ready-made Irish-background following there, to be tapped into of course….

Lead cut ‘Dear John’ is an open letter – of course – with her slightly-pinched vocal delivery upfront over a baroque tinkling backing with emphatic string stabs and a breathy vocal arrangement. Sounds like something from a Christmas film, very wintery ambience. The harpsichord makes it roll along, a fleeting delight for fans of rthe chorale

‘Love Is A  Tricky Thing’ is cello-led with a busy background rhythm and Julie is singing in a much more open style, very tunefully. The strings are very filmic, again and the overall impact is a story spun in a fairytale fashion..with an impish sound made for arts centres

‘Impossibly Beautiful’ – thanks, I try to keep in shape – is an orchestral wispy paean carefully double-tracked or sounds as though it is, anyway. Why does this make me think of Jane Austen ? or ‘Far From The Madding Crowd’..

‘Just A few Hours’ has that roof-of –the–mouth vocal again and a tender delivery, poetical romantic lyric, careful lush strings but also soft tremelo’d leslie-speakered guitar in the mix adding warmth.  Her voice so suits this dreamy soft-focus material

‘Galway Boy’ has a dancing tempo, almost like hunting music..shouldn’t think Julie would be in favour of chasing foxes however. Tuneful, plaintive, a tad stark but with multi-track vocal warmth seeping in. She sounds most Irish on this one

Her people really believe in this artist and you can see why.  The fact that it’s absolutely not my cup of tea doesn’t mean that plenty of singing fans won’t take to this crafted basket of musical gems. It’s made for late Autumn / Winter though !

Pete Sargeant

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