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Daniela Brooker


So here we have new teen female singing sensation,,and the only response these Perry and Swift-infested days has to be :  OK, but does she just LOOK good ??

This young lady has striking Latinesque beauty and electric eyes for sure. Maybe having an English father and Venezuelan mother has something to do with that….she has chalked up half a million Vevo and YouTube hits already and at just 19 performed gigs numbering three figures. We must assume then that she means it and wants to make it in the business and international precedents such as Gloria Estefan and Shakira have paved the way for this IF the public out there take to her music. This single ‘Breathe’ is from a forthcoming album tilted ‘ P S ‘ – now what a terrific LP title I thought, initially.

‘Breathe’ starts with an edgy keyboard intro before a soft clear vocal starts, clearly holding back a little grit for later.  The song is an anguished lament, in essence essaying romantic confusion over the strength of affection. Or if you prefer, does he love her or not ? All these girls sound in their lyrics as though they have had decades of torrent affairs, which cannot possibly be. But these words and sentiments connect with their audience. There’s a retreat to the keyboard figure after each verse. A choppy bridge where the voice toughens up and a full-blooded radio-friendly chorus. For me the singing is spot-on but the backing too identikit / formulaic / anonymous for the song to really excite.  A sneak listen to another cut ‘Chasing The Waves’ finds Daniela again singing clearly after a crisp electric guitar start and crashing drums, with sequenced keys chording, mini-stops and another addictive chorus. And not oversung either.  Someone knows what they are doing…

Now it says here that La Brooker has toured on many dates with the Saturdays – presumably this was under an Offender’s Community Service Order ? ha – but to my ears this lass’s obvious talent seems closer to a Gabriella Cilmi ( who turned out to be versatile and stylish and not just a pop princess) or a young Avril Lavigne, who overdid the sulky b—h thang for too long.

Whither Daniels Brooker then ?  we have yet to see her live or speak with her, but watch this space

Pete Sargeant

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